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Brochu Walker

Based in Los Angeles, Brochu Walker is driven by an idealistic sense of place, product, and lifestyle. The women of Brochu Walker, led by brand CEO Karine Dubner, bring rich histories and european sensibility to the Collection. The warmth and cozy naturalism of California, the simplicity and classic sophistication of Paris, and the British confidence and edge come all together in a collection that is effortless, feminine, and intriguing.
Brochu Walker's LOVE to layerable options, soft textures, and rich textiles adds a unique sensibility to the market. Luxurious Cashmeres, Linens, Silks, Alpacas, and Cottons are used across all seasons and given gentle and intuitive handling. With the Brochu Walker woman in mind—a strongly independent, chic, lighthearted woman who multitasks daily, travels often, and intrigues whether on or off duty—each Collection is timeless yet freshly considered for the here and now. With unexpected details that give rise to lasting emotion, The Brochu Walker raison d’être is: “where Chic meets Cool.”

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